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  DAVID VOORHIS & ASSOCIATES is a petroleum consulting firm that provides data research services, regulatory consulting and petroleum engineering consulting for the oil and gas industry....We have been in business since 1989....We are headquartered in a suburb of Austin, Texas, and have easy access to the downtown offices of the Texas Railroad Commission (TRRC)....Our goal is to provide our clients fast, economical and reliable service in matters related to data research, regulatory consulting and petroleum engineering technology....We specialize in reservoir engineering matters.

Services are concentrated in three areas: data research of Texas Railroad Commission records; a regulatory service to assist in the filing of forms required by the Texas Railroad Commission for oil and gas operations in Texas; and petroleum engineering consulting.

This web site is divided into SEVEN sections.
...Section I is the introduction....Section II describes the Data Research Service....Section III describes the Regulatory Form Service....Section IV describes the Petroleum Engineering Consulting Service....Section V provides a brief description of the principal employee....Section VI provides information about the preferred forms of contact....And, Section VII provides LINKS to other petroleum industry web sites.




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